Tofurky Deli Slices – Smoked Ham Style

This week, we’re looking at Tofurky’s deli ham, and whether it stands up to the standard of faux ham slices that we already eat.

The Tofurky range has steadily been expanding in our local supermarkets, so we’re always happy to give them a try when something new comes in. The ham is particularly exciting, because we already go through quite a lot of the Quorn ham and smoky ham products. read more


Sainsbury’s Sweet Potato Katsu Curry / Mac & Jack

Sainsbury's Sweet Potato Katsu Curry / Mac & Jack

We’ve got a double bill for you this week, as we take a look at two items from the Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg range:  their Mac & Jack (macaroni cheese with BBQ pulled jackfruit), and their Sweet Potato Katsu Curry with Sticky Rice.

As we picked these both up from their new range that we hadn’t tried yet, we decided to cook them both up at once – and review them at the same time, too. Let’s start with the katsu curry. read more


Gluten Freegan Coconut Macaroon Mix

Gluten Freegan Coconut Macaroons

We’ve got another exciting video for you today, as we tried out the Gluten Freegan coconut macaroon mix! We received this packet free of charge to provide you with an honest and unbiased review. After we enjoyed the coffee cake so much, we couldn’t wait to get started.

Let’s start with the process of making the macaroons. It was so easy to do that we really had no problems with it at all – it’s a very straightforward mix and the ingredients are easy to work with, just as before. You don’t need to add much, even though you might think that macaroons are more complicated than cakes.

The texture and taste of the coconut macaroons were absolutely perfect. I’ve never made macaroons before – vegan or not – and so this was really exciting for me. Seeing them come together perfectly with no problems, even if they might not be the neatest or prettiest macaroons out there, was fantastic. We also enjoyed them a whole lot – let’s just say it was hard to keep the lid closed on the box we stored them in.

Anyway, here’s the video of how we made our delicious macaroons. Have a watch and see just how easy it is to do!

The best news is that we have one more Gluten Freegan mix to share with you, so we’ll be posting that soon! We can’t wait to get stuck in and see how it compares to the two we’ve tried.


Video: Pulled Jackfruit Burgers

Pulled Jackfruit Burgers

You know by now that we love pulled jackfruit. We can’t get enough of it – when it’s done right, that is. We just had to have a go at working with this recipe ourselves and seeing what kind of variations we could do, and how to make our own pulled jackfruit burgers.

These are deceptively simple to make, even though you might not typically have all of the ingredients in your kitchen. Well, unless you’re vegan and eat this kind of food regularly already! Although we’re trying to inch in the direction of veganism, recipes like this definitely help us to get a little closer – as once you’re using alternative foods, you can see how much tastier they might be than the other choices you had before.

This jackfruit burger is pretty messy, so get some napkins ready – and enjoy!


Frankie and Benny’s The Vegan Beet Burger

Frankie and Benny's The Vegan Beet Burger

We’re back with another review, this time of the new vegan burger on the menu at Frankie and Benny’s. Priced at £9.99, it’s a pleasant addition to the menu – it’s always great to see big chains adding those vegan options, and we especially appreciate the fact that it’s not just a field mushroom.

It’s served in a really nice bun, a glazed brioche which adds a bit of a luxury touch. So far, so good! 

There is so much filling that it’s actually too big to eat in one mouthful, as the burger and other elements simply squidge out the back when you try. I don’t like being defeated by a burger, but sometimes you just have to knife and fork it – and I would suggest that this is one of those times.

There’s lots of fresh salad in the bun which always adds that extra feeling of satisfaction, though of course it’s the burger itself we’re most interested in. This has a solid texture, and is very fibrous. There are lentils visible in the burger mixture, which overall is quite sweet. This might be a little strange except that it’s less noticeable when paired with the bun.

Inside the bun are a few smaller sliced gherkins as well as a big slice of tomato (you know how we feel about those here at VegBurge – we like to throw them straight out!). The burger was a tiny bit dry and could perhaps do with some added spice or diced onion. Overall, however, it was really tasty.

The ice cream sundae, I should note, is not vegan, however tasty it might be!

On the Vegburge scale, I give this…

Taste – 8/10

Price – 5/10

Rest of experience – 7/10



Video: Chicken Parma

Chicken Parma

After coming back from Australia, J couldn’t wait to try out cooking one of the dishes he ate while he was over there. This is his recreation of a chicken parma – you can see the recipe down below, as well as the video of how we made it.

This isn’t exactly health food, but it is pretty easy to make it vegan all you have to do is add vegan cheese instead of cheddar – or just cut the cheese out entirely! Most UK supermarkets now stock a good-quality vegan cheese in grated form, so you’ll be fully ready to go.

Now let’s get into how you can make it!


Rehab, Hackney

Rehab, Hackney

We were out at a fashion event recently when the deadly Hunger Monster struck – no, honestly, it can be deadly when the two of us get our hangry moods on. Needless to say, there was only one thing for it: scramble for somewhere to eat, and fast. Enter Rehab, Hackney, which just sorted of happened to be right there when we needed it. It’s not often you stumble by accident into a vegan eatery right when you’re feeling peckish.

This place has a lot of great stuff on the menu, but before we even get to that, the atmosphere was fantastic. It has this kind of arty, shabby chic vibe that was right up our street, complete with chalkboard wall and exposed brick. It looks pretty much exactly like you would expect a vegan cafe in Hackney to look like, honestly.

Next up, the menu: starting with the drinks. I ordered – of course – a hot chocolate. Mind you, this was before the heat wave properly struck! The vanilla white chocolate, at £4.50, contains vanilla, maca, cacao butter, coconut oil, maple, and heated milk (oat or coconut). I went with coconut and it was so… pretty! Just look at all the flowers on top!

It tasted good, too, but a tiny bit strange because it’s a white hot chocolate that has no chocolate in it. Just think about that. Also, a white hot chocolate always tastes a little odd because it’s not what you’re expecting. But still, it was nice.

And I actually liked it so much that it now features directly next to my face in all my new social media profile images, so that’s great.

Anyway, onto the food. We took a glance over the menu and decided to order the share platter for £10. If we weren’t wanting to rush on, and also not spend all our money in Hackney, we probably would have chosen other things as individual plates, but something to share worked for us.

The fresh veggies included to dip were SO fresh and tasty. It was just a flavour explosion, as everything was obviously freshly prepped and cut. The tomatoes were even pretty tasty, and as regular readers know, I can’t stand a raw tomato. But these, I ate.

The dips were pretty interesting. Much like when we make vegan dips ourselves, they are pretty solid – not as creamy and smooth as your normal houmous. You kind of end up getting lumps of dip, but they still eat just the same and the flavour was great here as well. The kimchi was really strong, and I loved the traditional flavours of the houmous. The cheese was very much like the houmous in texture and almost in flavour – certainly not the best “cheese” we’ve had, but on the other hand, a great dip.

The bread was absolutely delicious, and also obviously fresh. It was quite oily and even though it was the least healthy thing on the plate, we soon snapped up the offer of getting a couple more slices added to the platter at no extra charge, which was pretty decent.

Would we go again? Absolutely, yes. I don’t often find myself in Hackney, but now, when I do, I know where to go.


Quorn Jambalaya and Sweet Chilli Sausages

Quorn Jambalaya and Sweet Chilli Sausages

This week is a double header, as we’re reviewing two things at once. Gasp! Well, we ate them on the same plate, so it seemed fair. Our victims were the Quorn Jambalaya and Sweet Chilli Sausages, both from a range which is new, at least, to us.

We’re kicking off with the Quorn Jambalaya. This was very spicy, with chunks of Quorn chicken in the tomato sauce with plain rice, sweetcorn, and peppers. It’s actually a pretty simple dish – very plain, and easy to put together yourself if you wanted to. Particularly since they’re just using their own Quorn chunks, when you think about it, this is basically just a fajita-style mix with fresh veg thrown in. And probably not even all that fresh.

In summary, it was just kind of boring. I wouldn’t bother buying it again. Why would I? I can make the same thing myself any night of the week, and it’s not even much harder or more time-consuming to do so.

The sausages were also spicy, with the chilli taste coming through strongly – but I’m not sure I could find the sweet part. Otherwise, this was really just a plain Quorn sausage. It’s so disappointing when a brand focuses on creating spice rather than flavour. There were also some herbs scattered throughout the mix, but these just make it like a normal Quorn sausage once again. I was also surprised, that the casing was made from artificial materials.

The verdict? I wouldn’t bother having these again either. Actually, more than wouldn’t bother: I didn’t like them. So, that’s a couple of busts for this review.

Ah well – now we know!


Cabana Chargrilled Halloumi Burger

Cabana Chargrilled Halloumi Burger

We needed to stop off for food at Westfield recently, and though I almost always vote in favour of Wahaca, I’m also not averse to trying a new burger if there is one available. Enter Cabana, which boasts of serving Rio-style street food – including this halloumi burger.

They have quite a lot of vegetarian options, so it was honestly quite hard to choose. The burger is described on the menu thusly:

Marinated halloumi & portobello mushroom, Rio Beans, matchstick crisps, tomato, lettuce and chimichurri – £9.95

And just because we all obviously love having to backtrack across the menu to figure out what one of the ingredients is, Rio Beans are:

Black beans slow-cooked with cumin, onions and garlic. read more