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With any review blog, it’s always a good start to be able to see the top rated items which have been featured so far. With that in mind, and to help you get an idea of the best veggie burgers around so that you can try them for yourself if you want to, I’m giving you a list of my top five favourite veggie burgers. These are chosen by adding up the scores that each of them receives in three categories: the taste, the price, and the rest of the experience which goes along with them.

1. Lady Luck Greenhouse Burger – 27/30

A regular special in Canterbury.

Lady Luck Greenhouse Burger
Lady Luck Greenhouse Burger

2. Harry Ramsden’s Halloumi Burger – 26.5/30

An off-menu treat in Bournemouth

Harry Ramsden's Halloumi Burger
Harry Ramsden’s Halloumi Burger

3. = Beetroot and feta patties – 26/30

An affordable and easy recipe!

Beetroot and feta patties
Beetroot and feta patties

3. = Lady Luck BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Burger– 26/30

Available in the Lady Luck, Canterbury.

Pulled jackfruit on the right, Southwest red bean on the left
Pulled jackfruit on the right, Southwest red bean on the left

5 = Mildred’s Classic Burger – 25.5/30

Soho (new branches also open in Camden & Kings Cross)

Mildred's Classic Burger
Mildred’s Classic Burger


5 = Wetherspoons Veggie Burger – 25.5/30

Available in branches throughout the UK.

Wetherspoons Veggie Burger
Wetherspoons Veggie Burger

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