Granose Falafel Mix

Recently we found some falafel mix that looked fairly easy to make, and decided to give it a try. After all, what could be better than almost-instant falafels? The chance to quickly create a delicious veggie burger alternative seems like a dream, and it could be used over and over again for different meals. In fact, you could even use the mix to make a bigger falafel burger rather than separating it into the balls.

Granose Falafel mix packaging
Granose Falafel mix packaging

Such was our thought process, at least, when we picked up this packet. So we followed the instructions and created it as directed… and, well. Tried to eat it. 

I can’t really mince my words here – this mix was disgusting. It tasted absolutely foul. It reminded me of the time when my mother accidentally used sour milk to make the bread sauce for Sunday lunch. There was a horrible tang to it that just wouldn’t go away, and I barely managed to eat my portion without spitting it all back out. Which is a shame, because we crafted some beautiful little houmous bowls inspired by our trip to the Houmous Bar in Budapest.

Houmous bowl with falafels
Houmous bowl with falafels

In short: avoid, avoid, avoid. If you value your own tastebuds and don’t want to feel the urge to scrape off your own tongue, don’t bother buying this mix. Or if you do buy it, only serve it to people you actually secretly hate. I think it may be one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted. Utterly unpalatable. Even the memory is making me shudder. Ugh.


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