Pesto Mince Burger Review

On Monday, I posted a Vine recipe for our latest addition to pesto month – pesto mince burgers. Today I’m bringing you my review of those burgers, how they tasted, and how they could be improved!

I’m actually a little delighted that I’ve found a recipe for a veggie burger which is very easy and quick to make. There are just three ingredients in this burger, so it does not get much easier than that! Plus, you can take out the breadcrumbs and make it even simpler if you need to. We served them up with a rasher of (fake) bacon on top, and drizzled a bit of sour cream and chive or ketchup sauce on top. The results were simple yet delightful.

Pesto meatball burger
Pesto meatball burger

Making them is very simple, as I’ve said, but you do need to watch out a bit for crumbling. They will give way immediately when placed into the frying pan if you do not squeeze them first to make sure that they are as firms as possible. Then you might find them crumbling on the plate as well. But really, if you get it wrong – does it matter? You’ll be eating them up soon anyway, and there’s no need for them to be solid for that! The taste was really great too, and there’s just something magical about the plain Quorn mince together with the pesto. It works because the mince takes on the pesto flavour so well.

Pesto meatball burger
Pesto meatball burger

How would I improve it? Perhaps to add something like an egg to make the mixture a bit more firm. However, this would prevent it from being vegan friendly, so it’s a toss up there. I reckon this burger would taste great on a barbecue, but of course with it being so crumbly, that might be a difficult thing to try. A little tomato flavouring in there might make a bit more exciting, too. But overall. this has to be the simplest burger I’ve ever made – and it gets a lot of extra points for being delicious.

Pesto meatball burger
Pesto meatball burger

Taste – 7/10

Price – 7/10

Rest of experience – 10/10


8 Replies to “Pesto Mince Burger Review”

  1. Shape your mince into burgers, keep them about a half inch thick and round so that they fit onto your ciabatta squares nicely.

  2. I’m so glad I came across this post because I’ve having a really bad craving for burgers. I eat meat but love veggie burgers. Do you think cooking it in the oven would make it less crumbly? I would have to experiment and see if that would work.

    1. I definitely think so! A lot of recipes I’ve seen have you baking them for a bit and then frying (or frying then baking). I’m just far too impatient to do that!

    1. There are some brands that look even odder! I used to get a type that had fake fat on the side and everything, and looked a lot better. These taste great though.

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