Sainsbury’s Sweetcorn Fritters

Recently we tried the so-called Mexican sweetcorn fritters from Sainsbury’s, which comes as part of a range that we’ve been enjoying (particularly their nacho cheese parcels). They are rated as spicy on the packaging, but in spite of my dislike of spicy food, that didn’t put me off. You see, I’ve always been a fan of sweetcorn based fried goods. Sweetcorn fingers and similar items took the place of fish fingers when I was a kid, and generally speaking, I love the taste of sweetcorn no matter how it comes. Basically, I just had to know what these tasted like.

Sainsbury's Sweetcorn Fritters
Sainsbury’s Sweetcorn Fritters

These fritters pop in the oven nicely (or you can of course try the microwave, but it does leave them a touch soggy). They are best served up alongside other “American/Mexican style” fare if you like that sort of thing – I’m not sure I would bother putting them in bread buns, but there’s every possibility that they would taste good if you did. We served them up with curly fries and the aforementioned parcels – not the most healthy of meals, but thoroughly satisfying!

Sainsbury's Sweetcorn Fritters
Sainsbury’s Sweetcorn Fritters

These fritters are very tasty on their own too, with only a small amount of spice to detract from the generally tasty sweetcorn. In fact, I would say they taste pretty similar to how they look. They go very well with cooling sauces such as sour cream and chive, which I would recommend pairing them with. Ketchup works well too. 

Sainsbury's Sweetcorn Fritters
Sainsbury’s Sweetcorn Fritters

We definitely enjoyed these fritters and will be having them again in the future. 

On the VegBurge Scale, I give this…

Taste – 8/10

Price – 6/10

Rest of experience – 7/10


25 Replies to “Sainsbury’s Sweetcorn Fritters”

  1. I wish these were vegan.. a lot of vegetarian products have eggs and milk that are usually still NOT ANIMAL
    CRUELTY FREE 🙁 plus many vegetarians do not want to eat meat ie: animals.. eggs are animals and there are animal hormones in milk..

  2. These look so yum! I love sweetcorn based things too! These would be so yummy over a mint and cucumber salad for lunch time! I might have to go and pick some up

  3. I think I’m a total idiot I can’t see the price… I was thinking I might get some ’til I saw you only gave a 6/10 – which makes me think they’re expensive lol! We love sweetcorn in our house though so could possibly be worth it 🙂
    Them nacho parcels though… oof! I’m on it 😉 xx

    1. They’re not too expensive – I just object to paying more than £1 per burger/fritter when you still have to buy the rest of the elements of the meal haha! That’s why my ratings are normally below a 7 for most brands. That generally means average price for me 🙂

    1. They might be a little too spicy depending on your daughter’s age – but then again I’m a bit of a wimp with spices so for most people they’re probably fine!

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