Vine: Best of 2016 Compilation

This week it’s all a bit up in the air, and with the full weight of Christmas food in our bellies we’re not up to editing clips or writing recipes! In order to celebrate the year gone by, we’ve decided instead to show you the best Vine videos of 2016. read more


Vine Post: Butternut Squash Lasagne

This is something I’ve always wanted to try, and it carries on our beloved trend of “putting stuff inside other stuff”. Rather than a traditional lasagne, this one is layered inside and around a butternut squash. There’s no pasta involved, which is great for those of you avoiding it, and it’s a lot healthier than the normal version. read more


Vine Post: Cabbage Coleslaw

First up, apologies for the delay on getting this coleslaw recipe out to you all – we had a lot of trouble with the update to WordPress 4.7! Thankfully I managed to basically learn coding in the space of a few hours to get it fixed. Anyone out there who still hasn’t updated – beware – there are lots of bugs in it!  read more


Vine Post: Spaghetti Ragu

This week, we decided to do something with that free sauce we picked up at the Foodies Festival. We wanted to create something based around a ragu sauce, and went for this tasty spaghetti ragu number.

It’s very simple – no recipe to speak of, you just cook the veggies and mince together and then add the sauce. The spaghetti cooks separately, and when they are ready, you combine the two together. Give them a good mix and serve with garlic bread and a generous scattering of grated cheese on top. Done! read more


Vine Post: Foodies Festival Highlights

We had a great time over the weekend at the Foodies Festival Christmas show, an event aimed at food lovers ahead of the festive season. You probably saw some of our exploits over on our Instagram story if you follow us there! We’re going to be going into more depth on Wednesday about everything we saw and the brands that we were lucky enough to try. For now here’s a quick highlight reel from the event.  This includes some of the stalls at the Truman Brewery venue, as well as a brief look at one of the shows in the cake making theatre. We ended up bringing back several bags full of food to try, so look out for some reviews and recipes coming up soon! There were so many stalls to look at and a lot of the owners were happy to chat with you about anything. They had samples out for you to try and would explain the origin of their products, as well as what inspired them to start up the company. There were far too many brands to mention them all by name, but we did pick out a few favourites who you will be hearing about in our next post.  There was everything from Nando’s food delivery service, to flavoured alcohols, to sauces and vinegars, to cakes and sweets, to street food, and back again. We ended up not getting anything to eat at the show itself as a large percentage of the street food stalls were cooking meat alongside their veggie options, which is too big of a risk for me! We had plenty to keep us going with all of the samples however, and ended up heading to a late lunch/early dinner at The Blues Kitchen after the event. Yes, if you’re wondering – we had creole burgers again!  read more


Vine Post: Caramelised Onion and Spinach Open Quiche

Caramelised onion open quiche

We have another open quiche recipe for you this week! This time it’s caramelised onion and spinach. It’s a fairly simple recipe, but a bit more classic than our apple and cheddar version. 

I love the open quiche format because it’s all the tastiness of the filling without the fattening pastry. As much as I do love pastry, it’s just too much to eat on a healthy diet. That’s why we’re trying out a few of these recipes to come up with variations that we enjoy the most. read more


Vine Post: Pumpkin Houmous

In need of some Halloween nibbles for tonight? This pumpkin houmous is a great twist on the traditional recipe. It’s a little sweeter than normal and tastes fantastic warmed up as well as cold. If you dare to try something a little different, read on for our recipe and watch the video of how it’s made! read more


Vine Recipe: Veggie Pumpkin Chili

This week’s recipe heralds something we’ve been waiting for with bated breath – the return to pumpkin season! We absolutely loved cooking all of our pumpkin recipes last year and this one couldn’t come quickly enough.

We decided to start out with a traditional winter warmer recipe, given a little twist to bring in that pumpkin flavour. We made it vegetarian too of course! This veggie pumpkin chili is fun to make and so easy, and it tastes great. I don’t like my chili to be watery at all so this has quite a thick texture – if you prefer it a bit thinner, you can add water or vegetable stock. read more


Vine Recipe: Fake “Healthy” Twix Bars

You may have noticed a certain dearth of Vine posts recently – what with my birthday and then J’s birthday over the past couple of weeks, we took a little break from filming! We’re right back into it now however, with these fake Twix bars. They’re supposed to be a healthy twist, although of course they aren’t as healthy as you could possibly go. read more