Video: Chicken Parma

Chicken Parma

After coming back from Australia, J couldn’t wait to try out cooking one of the dishes he ate while he was over there. This is his recreation of a chicken parma – you can see the recipe down below, as well as the video of how we made it.

This isn’t exactly health food, but it is pretty easy to make it vegan all you have to do is add vegan cheese instead of cheddar – or just cut the cheese out entirely! Most UK supermarkets now stock a good-quality vegan cheese in grated form, so you’ll be fully ready to go. read more


Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Bowl

Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Bowl

We know, we know – we haven’t done one of our own recipes in a while. Truth be told, we have been filming and making things behind the scenes – it’s just been a case of life getting away from us. R has been working on several projects, including heading up London Runway as Chief Editor, while J recently changed jobs after coming back from a trip to Australia. Then this was all followed up by lots of events and some sponsored/gifted posts, which you’ve been seeing lately. read more


Video: Carrot and Coconut Energy Balls

Carrot and Coconut Energy Balls

This recipe is one we’ve been really excited to share with you. These carrot and coconut energy balls are honestly the best energy balls or bites I’ve tasted. I tend to keep some in my bag whenever I go out in case I need a boost, so I’ve tried a fair few – both making our own recipes, following others, and purchasing them pre-made.  read more


Video: Buddha Bowl Filo Parcels

Buddha bowl filo parcels

This week’s recipe is a twist on a classic – as you know we love to do. We started out thinking about a Buddha bowl, and how to put it together in an interesting way. After seeing them cooked as parcels in the oven, we were pretty disappointed to find out they weren’t served as parcels – and thus this idea was born. read more


Video: Toasted Burritos Recipe (with vegan scrambled eggs!)

Toasted burritos

We’re back after a teensy bit of a winter break with a brand new recipe that definitely brings the warmth: toasted burritos. This dish pays homage to Mexican traditions and is perfectly attuned to both our tastes and what we normally have in the fridge – basically, it’s the kind of thing we could make any night of the week. read more


Video: Green Bean Puree Burgers

Green Bean Puree Burgers

This week we’ve got a new recipe for you: green bean puree burgers. These are, and I’ll be the first to admit it, a little bit weird. Alright, maybe a lot weird. In fact, they may even be an acquired taste. But if you LOVE green beans, you’re going to like them. read more


Video: Black Bean Dip Burritos

Black Bean Dip Burritos

This week’s recipe is a little late to give you all time to recover from Christmas, and these black bean dip burritos might be just what you need as an antidote to the festive menu. They’re a little bit off the beaten track as we’re actually making a dip, but it also works as a fantastic burrito filling. read more


Video: Pear French Toasts

Pear French Toasts

This week our recipe is oh-so-indulgent pear French toasts, drenched in sweetness and perfect for special occasions. If you ate these every day you’d probably end up diabetic, but for a festive treat, they certainly do the trick.

We had these for an early lunch/late brunch and even then the sweetness was very heavy, so if you don’t have a sweet tooth, they probably won’t be too your liking. But if you’re the type to pour sugar over your cereal, they will go down a storm. read more