Vine Post: Chili Bean Cakes

This week we’ve got one of our favourite things to share with you: a new veggie burger recipe! This one is adapted from a cookbook simply titled “Vegetarian” which I’ve had since my student days but never really delved too much into. Before you get too excited, I’ll be bringing you the recipe and review on Wednesday – for now we’re just going to take a look at the tasty, tasty Vine!

Chili bean cakes
Chili bean cakes

These chili bean cakes are so, so easy to make. They are really rewarding too – especially when served up with slices of avocado. We also put them in fluffy white sesame buns, with some vegan cheese spread (we are addicted to Sheese) and dressings of choice. Served up with some mushy peas, they were incredibly filling, and that was enough for the whole night.

Well, you will hear more about them in the recipe post, but for now, here’s the Vine of these chili bean cakes being made:


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