Who is Vegburge?

VegBurge was created by me, Rhiannon – freelance writer and photographer, creative, social media enthusiast, and overall lover of food – and my partner, Jared. I am not a chef, not even slightly, and I make lots of mistakes all of the time, just like you! As a vegetarian since birth (yes – really), I have a keen interest in the humble vegetarian burger, one of my favourite foods and also – at times – the most disappointing. Out of this love was born the VegBurge review site: something that was talked and dreamed about for many years until finally I decided to take the plunge.

Here you can read all about our adventures in veggie burger land – and every time I get the urge for a burger, you’ll see a new review posted not long after. I buy them in supermarkets, eat them at restaurants and pubs, and even try out recipes – so whatever kind of veggie burger advice you are looking for you, can find it here. I also talk about general veggie lifestyle posts, such as what to eat and where in certain countries, cities, and times of year. A new veggie burger review, city guide,  or veggie living post pops up every Wednesday.

On Mondays, we cook. J and I started putting recipes on Vine, before switching to videos posted on YouTube with the death of Vine. You’ll see the recipes posted together with the videos on Mondays. Take a look at our vegetarian and vegan recipe videos here.

Please do feel free to recommend places to eat, recipes, and burgers to buy in shops using the contact form provided. Tell me about your favourites – or the ones that were the most disappointing! I’m happy to work with brands, events, and restaurants, so just get in touch via the contact page to discuss rates and what I can post for you.

We are based in Kent but regularly travel to London, as well as other parts of the UK and Europe.