Hot Rocks – Shark Island

This is probably the most inventive name for a burger I’ve ever seen, so Hot Rocks wins a prize right away for that. Seeing the words “Shark Island” on a menu wouldn’t make you think of a veggie burger, but that is exactly what this is. Situated in Bournemouth, Hot Rocks has a surfer theme and is right by the beach, which makes it very convenient for a bite to eat after a day on the sands.

Hot Rocks – Shark Island

The burger is described thusly:

A Vegetarian Patty served on a bed of Stir Fry Vegetables between toasted Foccacia Bread, with a Sweet Chilli dip. SERVED WITH A CHOICE OF HOT ROCKS FRENCH FRIES OR JACKET POTATO. £9.95.

Hot Rocks – Shark Island

The focaccia bread was thick and chewy, with lots of rosemary on top to add that extra flavour. It was a good complement to the burger itself, which was made up of creamy veggies inside thick crunchy crumbs. It includes sweetcorn and broccoli, and to be honest I know exactly what they did to cook it – they went out to a supermarket. It’s a little disappointing to be served a burger that I could buy myself in a store for a lot less, but they have dressed it up a little.

Hot Rocks – Shark Island

Under the burger was a collection of rich roasted vegetables, including onions, red pepper, broccoli, and carrots. There was also a sweet chilli sauce which has a bit of a kick to it. It was very filling, but I think it lacked something like cheese to give it that little extra something. The chips were just very average, nothing to give you any source of excitement.

Hot Rocks – Cocktails

There is definitely room for improvement here, and the service was more than a little slow. I get the laidback vibe, but we got to the point of having waited far too long even though we were feeling relaxed and stayed for some extra drinks. The surfer dude waiters could stand to do more waiting and less hanging out chatting with pretty girls. All in all, this could be a lot better, especially in such a prime location.


Taste – 7/10

Price – 3/10

Rest of experience – 6/10

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