Wetherspoons Texan Burger

You probably know by now that I unashamedly LOVE Wetherspoons. I’m the first to admit that in some towns you will find undercooked or burnt food, rude waitresses, and half the menu not available. But when you find the right Spoons, you will find a menu full of fantastic and great tasting veggie options, all at a brilliantly low price. After putting the Mexican and veggie burgers at the top of my top ten list, you can imagine my excitement when I read their latest new menu… featuring the all-new Texan burger.

Wetherspoons Texan Veggie Burger
Wetherspoons Texan Veggie Burger

This burger features the normal veggie burger and bun, along with chips and onion rings like their other deluxe burgers. This time, however, it is also covered with a huge dollop of five bean chilli! It spills out over the top of the burger and onto the plate, making it very messy indeed. I did however, through a very valiant effort, still manage to eat it with my hands and without making too much of a further mess.

Wetherspoons Texan Veggie Burger
Wetherspoons Texan Veggie Burger

What about the taste? Well, the five bean chilli is pretty good – if simple. It’s the same recipe as used in their burritos, so if you have tried those, you already know what it is going to taste like. It’s a little spicy, but certainly not too much. The biggest downside of the new burger is that you can’t really taste the actual burger – it gets so drowned in the sauce that you cannot really make it out. This might be a good thing; I found that my burger had actually been very badly cooked and was chewy underneath it all, so having the sauce to conceal that was a bit of a blessing in disguise.

It is not as good as the Mexican burger for sure, and I don’t prefer it to the plain burger either. It’s fine, but if you want to taste the burger itself, give it a berth. 

On the VegBurge scale, I give this…

Taste – 5/10

Price – 8/10

Rest of experience – 6/10


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