Wetherspoons Texan Burger

Wetherspoons Texan Veggie Burger

You probably know by now that I unashamedly LOVE Wetherspoons. I’m the first to admit that in some towns you will find undercooked or burnt food, rude waitresses, and half the menu not available. But when you find the right Spoons, you will find a menu full of fantastic and great tasting veggie options, all at a brilliantly low price. After putting the Mexican and veggie burgers at the top of my top ten list, you can imagine my excitement when I read their latest new menu… featuring the all-new Texan burger. read more


Gourmet Burger Kitchen Californian

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen has been on my wishlist ever since I started this blog, and we had the chance to try it out recently. I went for the Californian, which costs £8.75 and is described on the menu as follows: “Homemade & pan-fried bean patty, mature cheddar, avocado, smoked chilli mayo, crispy onions, relish, salad.” I also went for the sweet potato fries, and shared a side of onion rings. Along with this I ordered the peanut butter milkshake.  

Arden Hotel’s Burgundy Bar – Vegetable Burger

Arden Hotel's Burgundy Bar - Vegetable Burger

I recently stayed at the Arden Hotel in Birmingham ahead of Clothes Show Live, and since all of the food venues in the NEC closed early, we ended up eating at their own restaurant and bar. Apparently you have to book ahead to get into the main restaurant (even though the entire thing was empty bar one table when we got there), so we ate at the Burgundy Bar section just opposite. Unfortunately for the burger, it found itself in an inhospitable environment: drunk Christmas party guests were staggering around, gusts of cold air were blowing in from outside in the smoking area, and much more could have been desired from the staff. read more


Wetherspoons Mexican Burger

Wetherspoons Mexican Veggie Burger

I quite often nip out to Wetherspoons when I want a quick, hot, and tasty meal that I don’t have to cook, largely for two reasons: the price, and the veggie burgers. I’ll be going over the main veggie burger itself in a different review, but in this case I’m looking at the Mexican burger, which can be eaten with a veggie patty rather than one of the meat based burgers. It is basically an upgrade on the veggie burger and as such is a bit more expensive, but comes with a lot more food and flavour to make up for it. The meal comes as part of a deal which means that you get the burger and all accompaniments, a plate of chips, and a drink of your choice, all included in the price. read more