Vine Post: Week 1 in France

We’ve just spent a week in gloriously sunny France, and of course kept a bit of a food diary while we were there! I managed to track down a total of five different veggie burgers (probably a record for a 7 day holiday!), and while J returns home to work, I’m now spending another week in another part of France. Sounds harsh, but I’m here to celebrate my birthday with my family… and I’m working every day!

I have a full veggie eating guide for this region of France – the Loire – coming soon, but for now we have a great Vine to show you. This is a little different to our normal posts, as we don’t have a recipe to share; instead it’s a snapshot of all of the food we have eaten out this past week.

We stayed in a beautiful cottage in the countryside, so we also home cooked quite a few nights while we were there. That’s why there are perhaps not as many shots as you might expect! I have to say that we loved just about every bite, and trying to figure out what was vegetarian or not has been a real challenge. Before I start filling out the whole guide post right here, I’ll cut it short and show you the Vine. Remember to subscribe via BlogLoving on the right hand side of this page if you want to see the guide as soon as it is posted!

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