Berny Riviere – Berny Burger

Here’s another burger from our French adventures! This time, it’s from the Berny Burger, a little fast food place serving burgers and pizza. You will find it in the small town of Berny Riviere, and more specifically, on the campsite of La Croix de Vieux Pont. This is an area where you can camp or rent a lodge, so it’s fairly popular for all kinds of holidaymakers. It’s quite open, so it seems that you could walk or drive down here even if you were not staying on site.

The burger itself was not the cheapest one we ate in France – a lot of the prices here are higher than normal, both because you are closer to Paris, and because many people will simply stay on site instead of going out to get food. It was also quite mysteriously just described as a vegetarian burger, so there you go – it was down to me to explore exactly what that meant and what it would contain.

Berny Burger

What it did contain was quite a surprise. There were several layers here: one of what could be closest described as a burger, in the form of a greasy, onion and tomato flavoured mystery patty; one of what I would call a round hash brown, though perhaps a little salty; and finally a fresh tomato with some very greasy, slightly unpalatable onions. It was really an adventure of varying textures – lots of grease against lots of very dry food in the form of the bun and the hash brown. It was quite an odd experience, but I won’t lie – I ate the whole thing.

Berny Burger

If you are going to eat in the area, you might consider one of two options. Either driving a little further afield, or cooking at home. I have some reviews coming up which will tell you all about some French veggie burgers you can buy at the Super U or other supermarkets – keep an eye on my “France” tag for those – and they will both cost less and taste better. Plus, during the off season, most of the facilities in La Croix de Vieux Pont keep unpredictable hours – we went down to the bar one morning to use the WiFi, only to find that it was now suddenly closed every day until 5pm.

Anyway, back to the burger!

On the VegBurge scale, I give this…

Taste – 5/10

Price – 5/10

Rest of experience – 2/10


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