Vine Post: Hello Fresh Sweet Potato and Carrot Curry

This week’s Hello Fresh dish was a sweet potato and carrot curry, which contained more of the dreaded green beans but did promise goodness with the sweet potato at least. This is a good example of a recipe I would never have tried normally – I hate green beans, carrot always seems a bit boring, and I’ve certainly never heard of a curry that combines the two of them. We gave it a try though – as always!

The first thing I noticed was that the directions are a little off. You are told to put exactly 400ml in a pan to boil the carrot and sweet potato, but that was nowhere near enough. I added more to help them cook, which they did beautifully – but then you’re told to add the curry paste without draining the water. Even with boiling it for 20 minutes, there was far too much water. I drained the extra and then about half again, and as you can see below, the sauce was still far too watery. 

Hello Fresh Veggie Curry

The veggies were also just really boring. I would have preferred to add the stock pot to them instead of the rice – in fact, I cooked my own recipe and did exactly that a few days after we ate this, and it was amazing. The rice did taste good here, but it was a little too creamy – the taste and texture not something I normally associate with rice, making it a bit off-putting. 

There isn’t much I would leave the same about this recipe if I was making it again – in fact, I think you’d have to call it a new recipe by the time you got to the end! The green beans were more palatable than I expected, however: boiling brings out the best in them.

So, let’s see a #curryfail in action – here’s the Vine!


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