Vine Post: Christmas Mushroom Pie

This is not just a mushroom pie. This is a mushroom pie from the Mildred‘s cookbook.

We tweaked a few details here and there, but this is more or less the recipe that you will find in the book – served with a pastry lid rather than as a whole pastry pie. I pitched in to help my Mum with Christmas lunch this year and this is what she wanted to serve on the day – from the brand new Mildred’s book I’d bought her! As luck would have it she was planning a mushroom pie anyway, and this one happened to be similar enough that she had the right ingredients already.

It was fun to cook with her – as I only really got the cooking bug after I moved in with J, we’ve never had the chance to cook together regularly. This was a great opportunity for me to show I’m not hopeless in the kitchen any more, and for some good old fashioned bonding too! The best part? It was delicious. 


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