Ed’s Diner – Cajun Vegetable Burger

This review concerns a burger that I ate quite a while ago now at Ed’s Diner in Norwich while staying there for a short break, so if some of the details are a little vague, hopefully you will forgive me. I do remember one huge point which stuck out to me during even the ordering process and which certainly coloured my experience of the burger right from the get-go: the price. £6.55 for a burger on its own – no fries, no side salad, no drink, nothing but the plate it sits on – seems a bit excessive to me. We aren’t talking about prime Kobe beef here, but a simple Cajun Vegetable burger served with lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle, mayonnaise, mild mustard, and a lightly toasted seeded bun. In order to figure all of that out you have to read up and down the menu a few times, too, as the entry for the Cajun Vegetable burger itself unhelpfully describes it simply as “the Original”, meaning you then have to go and read up on that menu item in order to get anywhere.

Ed’s Diner – Cajun Vegetable Burger

The burger itself does seem very lonely on its little plate, and it is not large sized enough to be what I would describe as a full meal on its own. Luckily we were not starving hungry, as to add more food would of course have cost more. The bun was nice enough, and was definitely enhanced by the toasting, but other than that it seemed to be just like any regular sesame seed bun that you might expect to eat. The lettuce was not particularly fresh and there was not a huge amount of it, or of the other fillings. The burger itself was at least nice and crispy on the outside, with a covering which really brought some texture into the equation to make things a bit more exciting. As far as the taste goes, there was more of an emphasis on spice than flavour for the most part, so while I can’t say I hated it, I would only put this as about an average spicy burger. It is described as Cajun in the menu, though I could not see much difference between this and what is normally described as a Mexican burger in terms of taste and spice. It was a so-so burger; I would eat it again if I couldn’t find any more options, but really there are much better options in most city centres.

The one good point about the restaurant is the opportunity to choose a song to play if you like from a miniature jukebox on the table. However, it does cost money to do so, and your song will enter the queue along with everyone else’s, so you may not hear it right away.

On the VegBurge scale, I give this…

Taste – 5/10

Price – 4/10

Rest of experience – 6/10


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