Recipe: Deliciously Ella Quinoa and Turmeric Fritters

I absolutely love the Deliciously Ella book, and have been regarding it as something as a kitchen bible ever since we got it. Naturally I had to try her quinoa and turmeric fritters! I’m not usually a fan of quinoa, but all the same, they looked great in the book. We decided to give them a go and serve them up as burgers.

Deliciously Ella Quinoa Burger

I won’t share the full recipe here, as it is not up on her blog, and it’s really worth buying the book. Suffice to say that quinoa and turmeric are two of the main ingredients. It also includes sweet potato, which definitely swayed me towards trying it out. The burgers come into shape pretty well, and once baked, they held that form without crumbling.

Deliciously Ella Quinoa Burger

I baked them in the oven and then added some cheese on top for the last stretch. For the last couple of burgers left over from the batch, I cooked them differently the next day. Instead of putting them back in the oven, I fried them up. At the last minute I added some thai sweet chilli sauce, which really sweetened them up and made them a great accompaniment for noodles. That’s the image you can see at the top of this post.

Deliciously Ella Quinoa Burger

The texture was actually really strange, withe the grainy quinoa next to the smoothness of the rest of the mixture. It was also a bit of an odd taste. Even after having them at two different meals in two different ways, I’m still not sure I can say whether I liked them or not. The turmeric flavouring was very strong, but so was the quinoa taste. The way that it blended together was just odd. I’m tempted to try them again, which certainly suggests I enjoyed them at least somewhat! It’s really hard to describe the way that they tasted. I’ve never had anything like that before. They are at least fascinating, if not as good as some of the other recipes in the book!

Deliciously Ella Quinoa Burger
On the VegBurge scale, I give this…
Taste – 5/10
Price – 4/10
Rest of experience – 6/10

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