Recipe Adaptation: Quesadilla Burgers


This post marks the first in a new series: recipe adaptations! As well as bringing you recipes for delicious veggie burgers, I’ll also be bringing you adaptations of meat-based recipes going forwards. If you have a recipe to submit for this series that you would like to see adapted, please send it my way using the contact page! I hope these posts will also give meat eaters a view on how to adapt their favourite meals into healthy and veggie-friendly alternatives.

I started with this amazing quesadilla cheeseburger recipe, which combines two of mine and J’s biggest loves: burgers and Mexican food! The photos are mouth wateringly good. It looks so delicious, but of course, a cheeseburger is not something that we’re able to eat. So we replaced the cheeseburger with the beautiful beetroot and feta patties that I shared with you last week, and we were set!

Beetroot and Feta Burger Quesadillas

 This is actually a fantastic idea, and there’s something delightfully anarchic about eating a burger in tortillas instead of burger buns. It cuts down the calories in the majority of cases, too. The icing on the cake here is lightly frying the tortillas – it makes them so much more delicious, and the cheese gets lovely and melty.

Beetroot and Feta Burger Quesadillas

As always, I changed a few things (will I ever be able to follow a recipe exactly as directed?!), so I’ve reproduced the recipe with my changes below. Needless to say I heartily recommend these. I wimped out on the chipotle mayonnaise (to J’s disappointment), but if you like spicy stuff I reckon it would be a treat with this recipe. We also added fresh spinach, which was a great touch.


Beetroot and Feta Burger Quesadillas
Quesadilla Veggie Burgers
Serves 2
A quesadilla-burger hybrid!
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  1. Beetroot and feta patties -
  2. 4 large flour tortillas
  3. Cheddar cheese (sliced)
  4. 1 small can of sweetcorn
  5. 1 avocado (sliced)
  6. Half bag of spinach
  1. Make beetroot and feta patties as per instructions. Make them nice and big as there is plenty of room inside the tortillas!
  2. Add tortillas to the pan one at a time, with cheese spread on top.
  3. Cook on medium heat until crispy and melty.
  4. Add sweetcorn to one edge of the tortillas, then place the burgers on top, and add avocado slices and spinach.
  5. Season as required!
  6. Fold over the tops of the tortillas to hold everything together.
  1. Although the original recipe called for two smaller tortillas to make buns, with the larger tortillas folded, we were able to eat the burgers by hand with no spillage. With two burgers in quesadillas each, sides were not necessary!
Adapted from Will Cook for Smiles
Adapted from Will Cook for Smiles
Beetroot and Feta Burger Quesadillas

On the VegBurge scale, I give this…

Taste – 9/10

Price – 7/10

Rest of experience – 8/10


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