Video: French Onion Soup

This is definitely one of my favourite recipes to make recently. Who would have thought that simple French onion soup could be so good? After all, it’s basically just onions… but somehow it magically transforms through cooking into something delicious and mouth-watering. read more


Vine Recipe: French Pumpkin Bake

As part of our ongoing Pumpkin Month, our latest recipe to try was a variation on a French casserole. Normally made with butternut squash, this recipe works really well with pumpkin, either as a side dish or a main meal. I’d love to see this made part of a Sunday lunch with some veggies and a vegetarian roast! read more


Berny Riviere – Berny Burger

Berny Burger

Here’s another burger from our French adventures! This time, it’s from the Berny Burger, a little fast food place serving burgers and pizza. You will find it in the small town of Berny Riviere, and more specifically, on the campsite of La Croix de Vieux Pont. This is an area where you can camp or rent a lodge, so it’s fairly popular for all kinds of holidaymakers. It’s quite open, so it seems that you could walk or drive down here even if you were not staying on site. read more