Sainsburys Cumberland Shroomdogs

I have already sung the praises of the magnificent shroomdog before, but – gasp – there’s another flavour out! The Sainsburys Cumberland shroomdogs are in the style of the infamous Cumberland sausage, although with significantly less dead animal carcass and considerably more mushroom.

Naturally, I was always going to be a bit biased towards these, but there’s a shocking twist. I actually don’t usually like Cumberland-style sausages: whatever range I’ve tried them from in the past, I just haven’t been that keen. Still, it was 100% worth a try given how much I love a good shroomdog.

Sainsburys Cumberland Shroomdogs
Sainsburys Cumberland Shroomdogs

So, I went ahead and cooked them up for us to eat. They work just as well as the original flavour: they have that mushroomy taste and texture, the thickness, and they have that same skin that crisps up so nicely when you fry them. 

They do have a distinct peppery taste which is quite strong – as it should be for this flavour. I’m not a huge fan of pepper, but it doesn’t bother me as much as it does in other varieties.

I feel like my overall conclusion is this: if the other shroomdogs aren’t in stock, I’ll be happy to go with these instead. If the caramelised onion type are on the shelf, however, I’m much more likely to go for those. It’s simply a case of not being able to improve on perfection.

I’m excited to see if Sainsburys bring out any other flavours in this range – could we be seeing some more exotic shroomdogs on the shelves? I definitely hope so, and I also hope they see the potential for this product to recreate other create sausage-based meals without needing to use meat. 



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