Video: Naan Burgers

Naan burgers

Our new recipe this week is the fabulous naan burger, a dish we dreamt up whilst possibly under the strong influence of one two many curries. This is what happens when you try to combine an Indian dish with a burger, and, well, it’s pretty epic. read more


10 Ways To Cook With Sweet Potato

This week we’re sharing a recipe round-up with you – this time, all about how to cook with sweet potato! We’ve gathered our 10 favourite recipes with this delicious ingredient, and now it’s up to you to give them a try. Without further ado, let’s get stuck in! read more


Vine Post: Muttar Paneer

Alright, get ready for some serious paneer action! J and I LOVE paneer and can be relied upon to order a dish containing it whenever the opportunity arises. We decided we wanted to see if we can bring our favourite Indian takeaway meal home, and make it ourselves. I’ll be upfront and say that mine is not 100% as good as our local Indian does it – but then again, it’s probably substantially healthy, so it’s more or less a good compromise. read more


Vine Post: Hello Fresh Sweet Potato and Carrot Curry

Hello Fresh Veggie Curry

This week’s Hello Fresh dish was a sweet potato and carrot curry, which contained more of the dreaded green beans but did promise goodness with the sweet potato at least. This is a good example of a recipe I would never have tried normally – I hate green beans, carrot always seems a bit boring, and I’ve certainly never heard of a curry that combines the two of them. We gave it a try though – as always! read more


Vine Recipe: Aubergine Katsu Curry

katsu curry

We recently decided to recreate a dish we really enjoy – katsu curry. It’s one of our favourites when we go to Wagamama, so this was definitely something we wanted to be able to make at home too. It’s a reasonably simple meal, but almost deceptively so, as we found out when we tried it ourselves. The Vine is below, followed by the recipe we followed – adapted from the BBC Good Food vegetarian magazine. read more