Review: Sensio Home Steamer

Sensio Home Steamer

This week, we’re looking at a new item we’ve added to our kitchen. We were given the Sensio Home Steamer in return for a review, but all thoughts below are our own.

The steamer, well, steams things. I know – crazy, right? But it’s actually really useful, because it gives you a set piece of equipment to get everything cooked in one go. We tested it out with a variety of veggies and some eggs: chopped broccoli on the bottom, then carrots with rosemary, and finally Brussels sprouts with three eggs. They weren’t all to be consumed at once… the eggs were for later, the veggies for Sunday lunch! read more


5 Killer Veggie Cooking Tips

This week I wanted to let you know about some of my favourite cooking tips. When I started this blog I could just about cook pasta and not much else, but as I have experimented and grown I have picked up a lot of little quirks that make things easier or tastier. Here are my top five killer veggie cooking tips for vegetarians that have helped me so far. read more