Video: Pear French Toasts

Pear French Toasts

This week our recipe is oh-so-indulgent pear French toasts, drenched in sweetness and perfect for special occasions. If you ate these every day you’d probably end up diabetic, but for a festive treat, they certainly do the trick.

We had these for an early lunch/late brunch and even then the sweetness was very heavy, so if you don’t have a sweet tooth, they probably won’t be too your liking. But if you’re the type to pour sugar over your cereal, they will go down a storm. read more


Vine Post: Baked Apples with Coconut Cream

So lately I’ve been trying to make more desserts, and these baked apples from the Deliciously Ella book caught our eye. As they’re from the book I won’t repost the recipe here, but you can read it elsewhere if you wish. 

What I will tell you is what I changed: instead of raisins and pecans, I used a dried fruit mix (like you would have in a mince pie) and skipped the nuts altogether. I also used normal sugar instead of coconut palm sugar. read more


Vine Post: Baked Bananas

This recipe for baked bananas is so simple, I’m not even including a recipe card. Take a look at our Vine and you will see just about everything you need to know for this delicious after-dinner treat!

First off, make sure that your bananas are nice and ripe. The riper the better, in fact! Don’t slice them all the way through, but just enough to cut through the flesh – you want the skin to hold together. The quantity isn’t so important but I used one date per banana and three squares of chocolate. read more