The Barn Halloumi Burger

The Barn is a pub and restaurant in Tunbridge Wells, and until recently there wasn’t much to speak of on the bar menu (there’s only so many nachos you can eat). But the recent addition of a halloumi burger to the menu meant we absolutely had to go and check out the changes. Here’s what the menu has to say about this item: read more


Veggie Living: Silverstone British Grand Prix

This week past, I was living the field life at the British Grand Prix. Silverstone has been my home for five days out of the year for a decade now, as I have been volunteering as a crowd safety (and now track safety) marshal for all of that time. You might think it’s pretty tricky to eat veggie food at a place like that, where all of the food stalls are focused mostly around burgers – but actually, it’s not so bad, and this year there were more choices than ever. read more


Maxwells: Veg-Out Burger

I have to introduce you to my new favourite place to eat. Reader, meet Maxwells. 

Well, alright, when I say eat, I really mean drink. But to be fair, a drink at Maxwell’s is sort of like a meal anyway. Case in point: their freakshakes, which are really just desserts with a liquid component. Here’s the oreo freakshake, topped with an ice cream sandwich, layers of cream, and broken up oreos, and with an oreo milkshake on the inside. read more


Hot Rocks – Shark Island

This is probably the most inventive name for a burger I’ve ever seen, so Hot Rocks wins a prize right away for that. Seeing the words “Shark Island” on a menu wouldn’t make you think of a veggie burger, but that is exactly what this is. Situated in Bournemouth, Hot Rocks has a surfer theme and is right by the beach, which makes it very convenient for a bite to eat after a day on the sands. read more


Harry Ramsden’s – Halloumi Burger

Last week J and I managed to grab a very quick break in the middle of moving house and headed out to Bournemouth for one night. We had a great time staying at the Royal Bath Hotel – more on that at some later date – and also found the time to seek out a couple of the veggie burger options near the beach. Hopefully we’ll be able to return in future as there were just so many restaurants nearby that had veggie burgers on the menu! read more


Ruby Blue – Falafel Burger

During a recent stay in London, we sought out Ruby Blue for a delicious meal reduced in price via the use of TasteCard. Of course, you know I went straight for the veggie burger, and we were given fantastic service by a waiter who was only too eager to ensure that everything was to our liking. We only had a limited time before a trip to the theatre, but that was plenty to enjoy the burger plus a cocktail or two. read more


Mildred’s Polish Burger

By now, regular readers know that I am a huge fan of Mildred’s, so it’s probably no surprise that I returned in order to try yet another of their marvellous burgers. This one is the Polish Burger from the regular menu. It’s served in a focaccia bun with iceburg lettuce, mayonnaise, pickled cabbage and gherkin, and my favourite: vegan cheese! It’s a beetroot, white bean and dill burger, which sounds amazing even to start with.  read more


Ed’s Diner – Chickpea and Quinoa Burger

Ed's Diner atomic chips

Recently we went back to Ed’s Diner to try their second burger – a full year after the first! The chickpea and quinoa burger was the focus of this visit, but I also decided to get a plate of the atomic American fries. These are served “With chilli, sour cream, Cheddar cheese sauce and guacamole on the side. Veggie option with BBQ sauce”. As you will see below, they are absolutely huge. The burger itself was very filling too, so just with these two items it was a filling meal. read more


Birchwood Farm – Sweet Potato and Mozzarella Burger

Birchwood Farm sweet potato and mozzarella burger

I recently ate this veggie burger while out meeting friends to celebrate Christmas, and of course a great night was had. There was Baileys, good food, and good company, and what more could you wish for? The sweet potato and mozzarella burger, as described on the menu, is served “with peppers and soya beans served in a floured bap with seasoned chips, homemade coleslaw, and a salad garnish”. read more


Mildred’s Classic Burger

Mildred's Classic Burger

Recently, it was time for another visit to Mildred’s, our favourite veggie spot in London. This time, I decided to try the classic burger: smoked tofu, lentil, piquillo pepper in a focaccia bun with relish, rocket, red onion and tomato with vegan cheese. Vegan cheese! Tofu! Focaccia! I can’t explain the excitement. I also went for a side of sweet potato fries because, well, why wouldn’t you? read more