Maxwells: Veg-Out Burger

I have to introduce you to my new favourite place to eat. Reader, meet Maxwells. 

Well, alright, when I say eat, I really mean drink. But to be fair, a drink at Maxwell’s is sort of like a meal anyway. Case in point: their freakshakes, which are really just desserts with a liquid component. Here’s the oreo freakshake, topped with an ice cream sandwich, layers of cream, and broken up oreos, and with an oreo milkshake on the inside.

Maxwells Oreo Freakshake
Maxwells Oreo Freakshake

They also do some amazing cocktails, but they also have a vegetarian section on the menu. Yes, a section. It’s amazing. And guess what? One of the items on the menu happens to be the following…

Veg-Out Burger :£10.95

Spiced bean veggie burger with cheddar cheese, portobello mushroom and basil pesto in a toasted brioche bun served with fries and apple coleslaw

Maxwells Veg-Out Burger
Maxwells Veg-Out Burger

So, let me tell you about this veggie burger. It is served in a soft and unremarkable brioche bun, much like you find as the standard these days. On the top is a very thick and juicy mushroom, exactly what I would want from a mushroom like that. It’s not been shrivelled up during cooking, it isn’t half cooked, it’s just right. Perfecto. 

Then there’s the spicy bean burger itself. This is pretty standard but very good. Think the Burger King burger and you’re probably there. It’s fairly spicy, but that is balanced out by the rest of the filling. This includes a dollop of pesto – very tasty pesto, as it happens. I only wish I had been able to enjoy it more, as it was not evenly spread at all – just dolloped right there on the burger. Considering there was a huge amount of it, a little spreading wouldn’t have gone amiss. It also had the unpleasant effect of hiding a surprise inappropriate gherkin. I mean, really – gherkins and pesto? Really? No. Not appropriate.


It was served with what I can only describe as very normal chips, and the apple coleslaw which was surprisingly disappointing. I honestly couldn’t tell you that it was any different to the coleslaw that is served at every burger joint in the UK these days.

The atmosphere in Maxwell’s is great. There is music playing, generally older stuff during the afternoon and then more modern tracks into the evening, and it always seems fairly busy. If you are by the windows, you can watch the busy Covent Garden area go by, and at the back of the restaurant there are plenty of opportunities for people watching. And the cocktails. I mean, the cocktails. Seriously.

My favourites were those containing copious amounts of coconut flavourings. There are two of them on the menu, one being the Bountylada and the other with added banana. Just try them, honestly. That’s the only advice I can give to you.



TASTE – 7/10

PRICE – 6/10



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