Vine Recipe: Sweetcorn Loaded Nachos with Cheese Sauce

As you know by now, we love Mexican food here at VegBurge! That’s why we just had to try making this dish, which contains fantastic flavours with home cooking to create a much healthier version of a traditional recipe.

Nachos with sweetcorn
Nachos with sweetcorn

You start off by making your own nachos, which is one of our favourite things to do anyway – it’s so much healthier than the real thing and takes very little time to do. You can add your own seasoning, whatever you like, though this time we chose to use corn tortillas and leave them plain. They are tasty enough as they are!

Cheesey sauce goodness
Cheesey sauce goodness

If you don’t want to use mayonnaise for this, try a low-fat sour cream or even a greek yoghurt. You can also use guacamole instead of just avocado, but for us this recipe was about taking down the calorie count as much as possible. Everything we used was low or no fat, and we avoided normal options like cream in favour of healthier alternatives.

Mexican nacho love!
Mexican nacho love!

Here’s the Vine so you can see how it was made – scroll down further to see the recipe!

Sweetcorn Loaded Nachos with Cheese Sauce
Serves 2
Homemade nachos topped with sweetcorn, guacamole, and cheese sauce
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  1. 2 cups sweetcorn, fresh or frozen
  2. 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
  3. 1.5 tablespoons plain flour
  4. 1/2 cup oat milk
  5. 4 ounces cheddar cheese, grated
  6. 3 small corn tortillas, made into nachos (
  7. 1/4 feta, crumbled
  8. Sprinkle of cayenne to taste
  9. 1 guacamole, cubed
  1. Put a small amount of oil in a heavy bottomed pan over medium high heat and add the sweetcorn
  2. When the sweetcorn starts to char or brown, let it sit a little longer and remove from the heat
  3. Mix the sweetcorn into the mayonnaise
  4. Mix the flour into the milk stirring constantly, bring just to a simmer, and reduce the heat
  5. Mix in the cheddar cheese until it melts.
  6. Place the nachos on a serving dish
  7. Pour on the cheese sauce and top with the corn, feta, guacamole, and cayenne
  1. How to make the nachos -
Adapted from Closet Cooking
Adapted from Closet Cooking

2 thoughts on “Vine Recipe: Sweetcorn Loaded Nachos with Cheese Sauce

  1. This is a nice recipe, though I still don’t get the avocado obsession, the wife would constantly eat if I didnt moan!

  2. Blimey, that looks delicious. My tummy is rumbling just watching the Vine. Love Mexican food.


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