Vine Post: Banoffee Pie Jars

This week we have a sinfully good Vine to share with you. These banoffee pie jars were based on a Deliciously Ella recipe (that I won’t be reposting here), and they are SO GOOD. It’s hard to believe that such a small handful of ingredients can create this amazing taste, with a structure more akin to a cheesecake than a pie, all presented beautifully in a jar for good measure.

I couldn’t get enough of this recipe, although the quantity we made here was far too much to eat in one sitting. The flavours are so rich that by about halfway through the pot we both started to feel a bit sick – and that’s with some leftovers that didn’t fit in the jars too.

Beautiful banoffee pie
Beautiful banoffee pie

If I make this again, which I probably will, I’m going to make one key adjustment. I’m going to skip the base. I could hardly believe my eyes when I worked out how many calories were in each jar as a whole, and the base is the main culprit. Honestly, you could probably crumble up shortbread and still have a lower calorie option. It was ridiculous. Just be very cautious of that if you are trying to eat healthy.

Here’s our Vine so you can see these delicious banoffee pie jars in action!


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