Vine Post: Baked Bananas

This recipe for baked bananas is so simple, I’m not even including a recipe card. Take a look at our Vine and you will see just about everything you need to know for this delicious after-dinner treat!

First off, make sure that your bananas are nice and ripe. The riper the better, in fact! Don’t slice them all the way through, but just enough to cut through the flesh – you want the skin to hold together. The quantity isn’t so important but I used one date per banana and three squares of chocolate.

Oh, and by the way – this is actually vegan. The “chocolate” is really something called chocolate-flavoured cake covering. It doesn’t taste amazing if you eat it on its own, but melted like this, you’d never know the difference. I put the bananas in at 200 degrees (fan) for 15 minutes – it might take as little as 10, so be sure to check on them. If they whole of the skin isn’t black yet and the chocolate hasn’t melted, they could go for a bit longer. 

Serve them up in the foil or in bowls, and use a spoon to dig through. It tastes amazing – you will be surprised at how good. 

Here’s our baked bananas in Vine form!


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