Quorn Vegan Hot & Spicy Burgers

Anyone who reads this blog and hates spicy food, look away now. I know you’re out there because I’ve spoken to some of you, and this burger is just not for you. Even I, made almost immune by J’s insistence on adding a bit of spice to everything, found these burgers to be too hot. Way too hot. So hot it was actually pretty uncomfortable.

Quorn hot and spicy vegan burgers

The good thing is that these are part of the new Quorn vegan range, so if you love spice and want a burger but don’t want any egg in it, this is fantastic. It is essentially your average Quorn burger, with that same texture and taste that you would find in, say, the chicken fillets. All of that is eclipsed, however, by the spicy outer coating.

I honestly can’t say I tasted anything other than “wow that’s hot”. I do like the fact that the Quorn vegan range has some diverse options, but this one is not for me. I served it up in a pitta with some roasted veggies, but even sour cream wasn’t enough to take the heat away. In my opinion, more attention to the flavour and less to the spice level would have done this burger some good. J loves it though, so in spite of myself, I guess I’ll be getting these again.

Hot and spicy wrap



TASTE – 2/10

PRICE – 6/10



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