How to make extra cash as a blogger

This is a topic that comes up a lot for bloggers, and having done this for a while now, I thought I’d share my two cents (perhaps quite literally). It has become a common perception that you can make a lot of money from blogging, but this isn’t really the case – at least, not for the majority of bloggers. It costs money to buy a domain and host a website, let alone to try all of the things you plan to review or blog about. So where does that money come from – and how can you make a little extra cash?

I’m sharing a few of my tips here today, allowing you to understand where I make a little extra cash and how. First off, I’m a freelance writer and photographer, so I have an income which is steady from those sources. These tips won’t support you fully, but they are a great way to earn a little pocket money.


Use your blog

The first thing to do is to monetize your blog. You can do sponsored posts and reviews, but normally only when you have a more established blog which companies are willing to pay to get featured on. In the meantime, you can look at options like adverts and affiliate codes. I host affiliate ads from Amazon on my sidebar – if anyone buys something through my link, that’s some cash in my pocket. There are lots of sites that offer this kind of service, so find something that fits well with your site and theme.


Use your skills

You can also earn spare change by doing reviews – that’s what you enjoy doing anyway, right? Sites like Slice The Pie allow you to earn a small amount per review, but they only take a couple of minutes each and you can make a withdrawal every time you hit $10. Wait until items are offered at bonus cash levels – this can bring in up to $0.30 a review, meaning you only have to do 4 to get over $1. 

You can also answer surveys over at Prolific Academic. Most of them pay pretty well and you also know that you’re helping with important research, which feels great!

If you have a certain service that you’re good at – like writing blog posts, creating reviews, or even making graphic elements – you can sell it on sites like I personally do a lot of graphic design there, as it’s something I can do fast and I feel is worth $5. I don’t offer blog posts there simply because I think my work is worth more than that, so bear this in mind if you are thinking of joining up.

If you are a crack shot with a camera, you can consider making photographs to sell as stock. Try PicFair – they have great rates for photographers and are an up-and-coming stock site. I sell my stock there too! Anything that doesn’t make the cut for your blog posts, so long as it doesn’t contain logos or other trademarks, can be sold as stock instead of just wasted.


Veggie Living: Stock Photography

So this week I wanted to share with you some of the images that I’ve taken, available for you to use as stock. I sell through PicFair as their terms are great for photographers, so please do go ahead and check them out. If you’re a photographer yourself, you should consider signing up in order to see what kind of sales you can make!

A lot of my stock is still-life based, but recently I also added some fruit that will work great for food blogs and advertising. If you want to take a closer look, just head to my profile here. All of the images are available at a very low set price, and I plan to add more images on a regular basis going forwards – you can already see my newest set, which features rose petals laying on top of a wooden surface: great for backgrounds! 

Stock photography on sale at Picfair
Stock photography on sale at Picfair

If you have any ideas for food stock photography, or anything that you feel is missing from the world of stock, please do let me know. I’d love to provide images for all kinds of buyers, and it’s always exciting to get a chance to use my lightbox to create some beautiful food images. I’m planning to include all kinds of fruit in my stock photography in the future, as well as vegetables and perhaps some of the other staples we use in our cooking.