Vine Post: BB8 Pizza

Like pretty much everyone else, J and I have both seen the new Star Wars film and loved it. It’s an exciting time for the franchise, and after seeing some really creative BB8 cakes, we wanted to get in on the action. That’s why we decided to create a BB8 homage that is true to our tastes… a pizza!

Following on from our The Revenant bear claws, we just had to vine the process of making our BB8. We used white cheddar cheese along with red Leicester, and the silver parts just had to be mushrooms. Finally, a dollop of barbecue sauce (our secret ingredient for making any pizza amazing) was BB8’s “eye”. This was a lot of fun to make, as you can no doubt tell from the video! In order to get the head and body effect, we bought one medium pizza and one mini one (unfortunately we couldn’t get a blank pizza base at that size, but this one just had tomato sauce and cheese). Then we sliced the bottom section off the mini pizza in order to make it the right shape! We also “drew” the design based on a reference photo first, using a knife to gently mark out the different areas where we would be laying the cheese.

Unfortunately we got way too excited about eating it and didn’t take any photos. I can verify, however, that it was delicious. Well… full disclosure, we added some more vegetables and Quorn pepperoni before eating it – just to make it a bit more interesting. Still, no matter how much you try to disguise a droid, it’s still the same underneath.

Enough of all that: let’s finally get to the Vine!

So, what do you think? Are we pizza art geniuses or what? We’d love to see your foodie Star Wars efforts too!