Vine Post: Vegan Fudge

Normally when I take a recipe from somewhere else, I add my own embellishments along the way, changing it to something more to my tastes. Not so with this vegan fudge, which I found in Deliciously Ella’s first book. When something has just four ingredients, looks easy to make, and sounds delicious, there’s no point in changing a thing! 

I won’t share the full recipe as it is of course printed in the book, but you can see from the Vine exactly how we made it. This was really exciting to try, especially since we both really love fudge.

I’m always so impressed by how vegan recipes manage to replicate flavours and textures by using ingredients which are so far removed from the original. Case in point is how versatile dates are – could you really imagine that they would be such a key ingredient in vegan cakes before you started seeing recipes like these?

What blows me away is the creativity with which we food bloggers come up with so many new and wonderful ideas. Kudos to those who are changing the way we eat – even if I’m only along for the ride when it comes to vegan recipes, I appreciate a good vegetarian substitute like no other. And I’m always on the lookout, so if you have a meat recipe transformed into a veggie one – or in need of transformation – let me know and we’ll see about giving it a try! Leave your links in the comments below.


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