Sugarsin: Veggie Sweets in Shoreditch

This week I wanted to tell you about some delicious sweets we have been snacking on ever since we last visited Shoreditch. In my photographic work I often spend a lot of time around the Shoreditch area, as I just love to shoot there. While walking along the Boxpark shop front after my last shoot day, we came across Sugarsin, a very appealing sweet shop.

The great thing about this shop is that absolutely everything is marked up to let you know whether it is vegan- or vegetarian-friendly, as well as fitting in with a few other dietary requirements. You just have to take a look at the label on the “door” of the pick ‘n’ mix section to understand whether you can eat the sweet or not. And there is SO MUCH  CHOICE!



Sugarsin sweets

You can fill up small jars, bags, or whatever takes your fancy from amongst their various containers, all priced up accordingly. They even have ready-packaged sweets that you can grab and take away quickly, but come on – who doesn’t love the joy of pick ‘n’ mix?

What most excited me was finding the holy grail: fizzy cola flavoured sweets that I can actually eat! Cola bottles were my absolute favourite while I was growing up, so these were very much appreciated. But that’s far from being all. We actually ran out of room in our jar and ended up getting another bag on top – that’s how much selection was available! 

Sugarsin sweets

I’m definitely heading back there soon – what a dream! The only problem was having to try and pace ourselves when we got home so that the whole bag didn’t just disappear overnight. Well, that and the massive sugar rush that J then had to deal with, and believe me, trying to shut me up when I’ve had a load of sugar is no easy task!



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