VegBurge Best of 2017 Awards

It’s time for a look back at our year with the VegBurge Best of 2017 Awards. We’re giving props to the brands, restaurants, pubs, and burgers that deserve it. Without further ado, the announcements are as follows…

Best Recipe of 2017

This one is chosen by you lot. We analysed data from Instagram, Twitter, website stats, and YouTube to come up with the recipe that you loved the most. The winner is: 

Cheat’s Healthy Cheese and Onion Pasties

Cheat's healthy cheese and onion pasties
Cheat’s healthy cheese and onion pasties

Best Event of 2017

We’ve been to a fair few events this year, and we loved them all. But when it comes to choosing a winner, there’s one that really stood out. With a guest appearance from Heather Mills and a huge array of stalls to choose from, it has to be:

London Viva! Vegan Fest 2017

London Viva! Vegan Fest
London Viva! Vegan Fest

Best Pub of 2017

Surely it has to be obvious that there can only be one choice in this category. We have raved about it all year, enjoyed every single visit, and shared with you what feels like a million different veggie burgers. The winner is:

The Lady Luck, Canterbury (reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Lady Luck Vegan Ribs
Lady Luck Vegan Ribs

Best Restaurant of 2017

This was a hard one. We have been invited to do a fair few reviews this year and the quality just keeps getting higher. There were plenty of great visits, but this year, we have to give the award to…

Inamo, Covent Garden

Maki at Inamo
Maki at Inamo

Best Burger of 2017

Finally, the most coveted award of the year goes to our best burger eaten in 2017. And the winner is…

The Lady Luck Greenhouse Burger

Lady Luck Greenhouse Burger
Lady Luck Greenhouse Burger

With a whopping score of 27/30, it’s not only the best of 2017 – it currently stands as the best of all time. Will we beat it in 2018? Watch out for next year – but for now, that’s your lot for the VegBurge Best of 2017 Awards!


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  1. HEALTHY cheese and onion pasties!? I am going to try that one!! Also I love Inamo in Covent Garden! The hand rolls are amazing!


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