Brighton Viva! Vegan Products Round-Up

We know you’re dying to know what was in our VIP goody bags at Brighton Viva! Vegan Festival, so here we are with the reveal! It was such a great event that there was too much to cover in just our event post, and so we set aside this week’s video post to let you know all about the products we got our hands on.

Let’s start with our VIP goody bag – we opened it on camera for you as we do at every event, and you can watch that here:

There’s also a nice haul of products from the event sitting inside our fridge, which we are going to cover at a later date. A big event shout-out goes to Lettices who are easily our favourite vegan brand we’ve discovered so far – and that’s saying a lot, because there are so many fantastic options so far. We’ll be doing a separate post on their vegan ribs soon, so keep an eye out for that!

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