Asda Spicy Piri Piri Bean Burgers

This week, we decided to try the Asda Spicy Piri Piri Bean Burgers, which I was a bit apprehensive about. After all, look at all those chillis on the packet! In the end, I actually decided to forgo these in favour of some beetroot burgers which you’ll hear about soon. On the other hand, J was keen to give them a go, and after having a tiny nibble of his, we were able to cobble together a review between us. read more


Vine Post: Festive Carrot Soup

This one was a lot of fun to make – I love a festive carrot dish, and it was the first thing that we thought of after picking up this cranberry sauce at the Foodies Festival. As you know by now, I’m a soup lover – and in fact Black Friday brought us a new individual blender which we will be showing off next time we get the chance to make smoothies. read more


Foodies Festival Christmas 2016

Our Foodies Festival haul

Hopefully by now you’ve seen our Foodies Festival highlights post from earlier this week! As promised, today we’re bringing you a more in-depth look at the show and the brands that we encountered there. First off, let’s start by saying that we both loved walking around the event and speaking to all of the new brands. Everyone we spoke to was lovely and there were a lot of fantastic foods to sample.  read more


Vine Post: Foodies Festival Highlights

We had a great time over the weekend at the Foodies Festival Christmas show, an event aimed at food lovers ahead of the festive season. You probably saw some of our exploits over on our Instagram story if you follow us there!

We’re going to be going into more depth on Wednesday about everything we saw and the brands that we were lucky enough to try. For now here’s a quick highlight reel from the event.  read more


Asda Mac ‘N’ Cheese Burger

Asda Mac n Cheese Burger

So here’s a new one. Mac n cheese… in a burger. We were half amused and half sceptical when we first spotted these in the supermarket. It’s a bit of an odd idea, so it would have to go either one of two ways. This has to be the best idea ever conceived, or the worst.  read more


Vine Post: Caramelised Onion and Spinach Open Quiche

Caramelised onion open quiche

We have another open quiche recipe for you this week! This time it’s caramelised onion and spinach. It’s a fairly simple recipe, but a bit more classic than our apple and cheddar version. 

I love the open quiche format because it’s all the tastiness of the filling without the fattening pastry. As much as I do love pastry, it’s just too much to eat on a healthy diet. That’s why we’re trying out a few of these recipes to come up with variations that we enjoy the most. read more


Announcement: Vine Changes and Going Forward

As you may or may not be aware by now, Twitter recently announced that they are shutting down Vine. As we use this service for our weekly video posts, it’s clear we are going to need to make some changes! Going forward, we have put some plans into place. These will ensure that we can continue providing the videos alongside our recipes. read more


Vine Post: Apple and Cheddar Open Quiche

This week we’ve got a lovely recipe with a bit of a twist! We love a good quiche but the pastry is just too fattening. In a bid to make it more healthy, the open quiche is rapidly becoming one of our go-to meals. This one is particularly interesting because of the inclusion of the apple. Paired up with strong cheddar and some Quorn vegetarian bacon, it’s a great choice for an autumn dish. read more


O’Neills Halloumi Burger

O'Neills Mushroom and Halloumi Burger

Back when J and I were living 2 hours apart, we had a little routine when he would come to visit me. The O’Neills pub in St Albans featured heavily in this routine, as a place where we would often go to drink and eat. In fact, it’s where we went on the night we first got together, so there are plenty of memories there. We now live too far away to head back to that exact branch, but recently headed into London for a bit of Irish nostalgia at the King’s Cross venue. read more