Wetherspoons Gourmet Vegetable Burger (new!)

Wetherspoons have added a new gourmet vegetable burger – I know, I was excited too. Thing is, they’ve only called it the gourmet vegetable burger, which seems a bit odd given that all the previous gourmet veggies actually had, well, names. Anyway, we’ll pass over that and get to the review.

The burger is as follows:

Vegetable patty, guacamole, houmous, pico de gallo, rocket

It’s served in a bun with chips as is standard for all Wetherspoons burgers. Given that this is the gourmet section, six onion rings also come as standard.

Wetherspoons Gourmet Vegetable Burger
Wetherspoons Gourmet Vegetable Burger

The burger in the middle is the same as the standard veggie burger – as are the chips, onion rings, and even the bun, so we’ll refer you to our earlier review to read about that. What’s new is the houmous, generously smeared on the top bun; the pico de gallo, which is a lot less generous; the guacamole, spread across the bottom bun; and the rocket, a large handful, with it.

Wetherspoons Gourmet Vegetable Burger
Wetherspoons Gourmet Vegetable Burger

It was pleasantly surprising to see how the houmous and guacamole go together. There was something about them being on opposite ends of the burger, separated by the patty, which made them work together all the better. The rocket adds a little tang; the pico de gallo really might as well have not been there. All in all, it’s a fair addition to the menu, but certainly not a patch on our beloved, dearly departed Mexican burger.

Wetherspoons Gourmet Vegetable Burger
Wetherspoons Gourmet Vegetable Burger

Sadly, it is only currently available in certain branches by the looks of it – including the London branches where the prices are much higher.

On the Vegburge scale, I give this…

Taste – 7/10

Price – 6/10

Rest of experience – 8/10


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  1. I haven’t eaten in a Wetherspoons for years, probably due to my kids! However this definitely looks like something I’d try as I always go for a veggie burger!

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