Vine Post: Foodies Festival Highlights

We had a great time over the weekend at the Foodies Festival Christmas show, an event aimed at food lovers ahead of the festive season. You probably saw some of our exploits over on our Instagram story if you follow us there! We’re going to be going into more depth on Wednesday about everything we saw and the brands that we were lucky enough to try. For now here’s a quick highlight reel from the event.  This includes some of the stalls at the Truman Brewery venue, as well as a brief look at one of the shows in the cake making theatre. We ended up bringing back several bags full of food to try, so look out for some reviews and recipes coming up soon! There were so many stalls to look at and a lot of the owners were happy to chat with you about anything. They had samples out for you to try and would explain the origin of their products, as well as what inspired them to start up the company. There were far too many brands to mention them all by name, but we did pick out a few favourites who you will be hearing about in our next post.  There was everything from Nando’s food delivery service, to flavoured alcohols, to sauces and vinegars, to cakes and sweets, to street food, and back again. We ended up not getting anything to eat at the show itself as a large percentage of the street food stalls were cooking meat alongside their veggie options, which is too big of a risk for me! We had plenty to keep us going with all of the samples however, and ended up heading to a late lunch/early dinner at The Blues Kitchen after the event. Yes, if you’re wondering – we had creole burgers again! 


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