Vine Post: Cabbage Coleslaw

First up, apologies for the delay on getting this coleslaw recipe out to you all – we had a lot of trouble with the update to WordPress 4.7! Thankfully I managed to basically learn coding in the space of a few hours to get it fixed. Anyone out there who still hasn’t updated – beware – there are lots of bugs in it! 

Anyway, back to our coleslaw. This was a lot of fun to make – we had lots of cabbage left and wanted to figure out a way to use it, and it turned out delicious. I’m not always keen on coleslaw but this one really works. Be aware that the quantities we used created a huge amount of the stuff – more than you would ever want to eat in one sitting. Unless you were on some kind of weird coleslaw-only diet. Be prepared to put some in the fridge, is what I’m saying.

Here’s the vine so you can see how it was done!

The recipe is so simple we’re not even using a recipe card. You just grab your shredded cabbage, some mayonnaise, a bit of mustard, some rice wine vinegar, and some sliced leeks, and mix them all together. Hey presto! Adjust according to taste until it works for you.



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