Veggie Bean Burger – Burger King

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been eating a veggie bean burger from Burger King when we needed fast food. Although it’s not something I do on a regular basis, it is the one option which has been consistent for as long as I can remember. Some fast food outlets will not offer a veggie option at all, and McDonalds have changed from offering a veggie burger, to having nothing at all for a while, to a short-lived wrap, to the new wrap which is now available. Burger King, however, have always had a veggie bean burger – and while it may have changed a little (I’m sure I always used to have one full burger instead of two patties, and there used to be ketchup included), it is something that I know I can rely on if we have to pull into a service station for a meal.

Veggie Bean Burger from Burger King
Veggie Bean Burger from Burger King

From the outside at least, the bean burger actually looks surprisingly like it does in the adverts: a soft seeded bun contains mixed salad, mayonnaise, cheese, and two burgers. Once you start to pick it apart it does look a little less impressive, however – here’s the bun with the tomatoes taken out. The cheese definitely looks as though it could have had a bit more effort put into it. The lettuce is starting to look a bit less appealing as well.

Veggie Bean Burger from Burger King
Veggie Bean Burger from Burger King

Despite the fact that it may not look so great under examination (and comes in a wrapper which has to be manually marked up, as there is no actual wrapper for a veggie burger), it is a good snack to have if you’re on the move – though, weighing in at more than 600 calories, it probably qualifies more as a full meal. The bread is soft and slightly chewy, giving it a texture which perfectly complements the burger itself; however, if you leave it wrapped up for a longer period of time and allow it to cool down, the moisture created by the heat will cause it to go soggy.

Veggie Bean Burger from Burger King
Veggie Bean Burger from Burger King

The salad is fine enough, hardly a fresh and gourmet offering, but more what you would expect from a fast food chain. The burger is just nicely spicy without being too extreme, and has a good texture with a crunchy outside and softer inside. Carrots, beans, pepper, and various other ingredients are visible while you eat it, and you can distinguish their individual flavours as well. While it may not be a five star meal, it can fill a gap, and it is filling enough to keep you going for a while. As a bonus, the price is much better if you purchase a meal rather than the burger on its own, and the chips are less salted than those of McDonalds. You do, however, have to go to an actual Burger King in order to order it, which is not something to be recommended except in emergencies (there’s better food out there at the same price, people!).

On the VegBurge scale, I give this…

Taste – 6/10

Price – 6/10

Rest of experience – 3/10


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