VegBurge Update (the One With the Missing Phone)

So, recently we’ve been doing great at keeping up with our update schedule. We had a lot of great content planned, and some really exciting venue reviews as well as some posts for brands on the way.

Sadly, all of that has now changed because of the enterprising soul that decided to steal my phone this weekend at Leicester Square. I was in a rush on the way to an event that I was already late for, and carrying a box that was bigger than I could really manage, so I guess I was an easy target.

Although I’ve been able to replace the phone (albeit with a very big financial setback), what I haven’t been able to do so far is restore the content that was on it. Most of my photos are gone and although there is a slim chance I might be able to get them back, it looks like my Google backups have been corrupted or removed and so just about anything we did in the last six months (since the last time I was able to get the very buggy backup software for my laptop to work) has very likely been lost for good. That includes our trip to Paris, which we obviously can’t recreate, as well as some other one-off meals and dining experiences.

Perhaps even more difficult to come back from is the loss of all of my VegBurge notes. I kept these in an app on my phone and would use them to form the basis of my reviews, with details about the taste, the mouthfeel, price, atmosphere of the venue, and so on. Especially as I’ve had short term memory issues over the last six months, there’s no way I can replace those notes from memory alone. Those are definitely gone for good as the app did not offer backups or the ability to log in to save the notes.

We do have a few things left that we will be able to post, though it has obviously been very disheartening to lose so much content. It’s unlikely that I will be able to get anything done for next Monday, and so we’ll take either a short hiatus now or an indefinite one depending on what we can manage to salvage.

I’m pretty upset that this has happened – although more so at the loss of personal photos and videos, including those taken on the day we got engaged last November. We’ll be considering how to move on from here and what this means for the blog, and will keep you updated as and when a final decision is reached.


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