Two Brewers Hadlow – Vegetarian Burger

Recently I ate at The Two Brewers in Hadlow, which is a Harvey and Sons pub. It’s not the kind of place that I would normally choose to go, but a Secret Diner opportunity came up so we decided to give it a chance. First off I’ll apologise for the quality of the images that are included with this article – unfortunately the lighting was so low that my phone camera couldn’t handle it, and as I was trying to be somewhat incognito, flash seemed like a bad idea! On the menu, the burger is listed as the following: “Vegetarian burger in a sesame bap served with straight cut chips, homemade coleslaw & mixed leaf salad”. It only costs £6.95, which isn’t bad for pub food, but when compared to something like the Wetherspoons brand it does seem a bit pricey – particularly after  you taste it.

Two Brewers Vegetarian Burger
Two Brewers Vegetarian Burger

The chips taste as though they came straight from McDonalds, over-salting and all, which wasn’t too pleasant – I rarely add salt to anything even when cooking, so it was a bit much for me, and I ended up smothering them in mayonnaise to mask the taste. There was, to be fair, a large amount of salad on the plate and it tasted very fresh – something that I was pleased about. I would, however, point out that mixed leaf was a bit of an exaggeration. The coleslaw was a little watery and not quite traditionally made, seeming to be a bit more leaf based than you normally expect, with the sauce tasting slightly off from the normal. It was nice, however, and I ate it all, so I can’t complain too much. The bap was fine enough, although it had been over toasted by the chef and was a bit too crispy on the inside edges.

The burger itself was thoroughly disappointing. For just under £7 I don’t expect gourmet, but I certainly didn’t even get something original. The taste of the burger was very familiar to me, as it is just a store bought meat-style Quorn burger – and without actually going out to buy the same thing to make sure I’m right, I believe it’s a quarter pounder from the brand. It was also overcooked, which made it even less impressive, and a little too chewy and crispy on the outside. It was very filling, but just not very impressive. It wasn’t really a very enjoyable experience, and if I had paid for the meal myself I think I would have felt very ripped off. It was a nice enough experience with polite and friendly staff, but the pub itself just felt dingy with low lighting and animals wandering around the eating area. I would only have to pay a few pounds to put the meal together myself for two people, so paying nearly  £14 for both seems very excessive.

On the VegBurge scale, I give this…

Taste – 3/10

Price – 6/10

Rest of experience – 4/10


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