Tofurky Deli Slices – Smoked Ham Style

This week, we’re looking at Tofurky’s deli ham, and whether it stands up to the standard of faux ham slices that we already eat.

The Tofurky range has steadily been expanding in our local supermarkets, so we’re always happy to give them a try when something new comes in. The ham is particularly exciting, because we already go through quite a lot of the Quorn ham and smoky ham products.

Much like other Tofurky products we have tried, the ham is quite greasy. This is not necessarily a bad thing in terms of the way it feels inside your mouth, but it’s also not great for your fingers as it does feel slippery and greasy when handled. 

The flavour is actually very nice. It’s quite smoky and meaty, for lack of a better word, and certainly has more depth of flavour than we normally find in ham products. Actually, it puts me more in mind of a few smaller indie companies I’ve seen at fairs. However, it’s not so strong that it can stand out well in a sandwich or wrap, which is a bit of a problem.

In terms of using it, I prefer to be able to taste it properly, so something where it has the chance to shine is great. One of our go-tos is tearing the slices up into smaller pieces and scattering them over the top of a pizza – they go excellently with vegan cheese. 

I do enjoy this product and we buy it regularly, but there are two negatives I would point to: first, the price being too high (making it more of a luxury item, really) and second, the packaging. The box and the plastic interior don’t look or feel as luxury as the price point, and it can be difficult to get the thin slices of ham out of the packaging and away from sticking to one another without them tearing.

Somehow I’ve managed to never take a photo of the ham no matter how many times we’ve eaten it, but above you’ll see an image from the manufacturer for now! We have yet to try any of the other Tofurky Deli Slices, but we’re looking out for the rest of the range as soon as possible.


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