Tesco Laksa Noodle Bakes

These bakes were really quite spicy, which surprised me quite a bit! I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to spicy food, as J will happily tell you (he loves it – he thinks jalapenos are finger food). However, often you find that so called spicy frozen food doesn’t really live up to the name. this was not the case here! It was just about almost too spicy, but it was mild enough that I could eat the whole thing.


Tesco Laksa Noodle Crispbakes
Tesco Laksa Noodle Crispbakes
The inside of the bake held a small amount of noodles only, perhaps due to the logistics of the recipe. There was a creamy texture, which verges on being slightly slimy. This was somewhat appropriate when considering the noodles, but do we really want slimy burgers? Anyway, there were also lots of vegetables in the mixture. Having said that, however, they did have a tinned texture or shape to them which put me in mind of school dinners. We had them in wraps rather than in a burger bun, and they were really quite squidgy once they had been cut up a bit.


Tesco Laksa Noodle Crispbakes
Tesco Laksa Noodle Crispbakes
These were not the best product I’ve ever tasted, and I actually mostly forgot about them until it came time to do this review. For the novelty factor they are interesting, and they might add a little bit of life to meals that you barely have time to throw together. Other than that, there is not much to say. It’s not that I would never eat them again, just perhaps that I wouldn’t even remember they existed when I was deciding what to buy. Which is a bit of a shame, considering how different they are to what you normally see.


Tesco Laksa Noodle Crispbakes
Tesco Laksa Noodle Crispbakes
I guess I’m starting to find what other food bloggers do: when you are trying to cook, and cook inventively, almost every day, shop bought food starts to become a bit boring. I hardly ever buy frozen food these days – our freezer is actually currently full of local cheeses that we bought in bulk – so I don’t see this one having much of a place in our future meal plans.
On the VegBurge scale, I give this…
Taste – 6/10
Price – 8/10
Rest of experience – 7/10

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