Arbuckles Classic Veggi Burger

Arbuckles dessert

Today’s post is a bit special for me, because I FINALLY get to review Arbuckles. This once-big chain is now relegated to a single restaurant in Norfolk, which happens to be right down the road from my parents’ house. Despite it being there, and being popular, for so long, I never managed to make it over for a meal beyond one stop right when we first moved there. Now, at last, here’s my review of the burgers they serve. read more


The Vauxhall Inn – Spiced Mexican Melt Burger

Vauxhall Inn

After a long day filming a TV pilot recently, J and I were dropped back by the production company at an easy to reach location: the Vauxhall Inn, which just so happens to be a restaurant with a pretty good reputation. They also have a dedicated vegetarian section on the menu, which is more than enough to impress me – so we decided to skip the cooking and give it a go.  read more


Vine Post: Week 1 in France

Veggie adventures in France

We’ve just spent a week in gloriously sunny France, and of course kept a bit of a food diary while we were there! I managed to track down a total of five different veggie burgers (probably a record for a 7 day holiday!), and while J returns home to work, I’m now spending another week in another part of France. Sounds harsh, but I’m here to celebrate my birthday with my family… and I’m working every day! read more