Halloween Dinner Party 2018

We’re going back a good few months now, to October 2018 and our Halloween dinner party. I haven’t yet shared what we ate, but I wanted to get it out nice and early next year so that it’s here for inspiration when October comes again!

We had a small party only, but it was nonetheless pretty successful and I’m confident I will be able to easily scale things up this year. We picked up some props – a bloody tablecloth, a bucket supposed to be used for trick-or-treating, some skeletons and bats around the house and table, and a skull designed to hold test tubes full of alcohol! read more


Sainsbury’s Sweet Potato Katsu Curry / Mac & Jack

Sainsbury's Sweet Potato Katsu Curry / Mac & Jack

We’ve got a double bill for you this week, as we take a look at two items from the Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg range:  their Mac & Jack (macaroni cheese with BBQ pulled jackfruit), and their Sweet Potato Katsu Curry with Sticky Rice.

As we picked these both up from their new range that we hadn’t tried yet, we decided to cook them both up at once – and review them at the same time, too. Let’s start with the katsu curry. read more


Video: Chicken Parma

Chicken Parma

After coming back from Australia, J couldn’t wait to try out cooking one of the dishes he ate while he was over there. This is his recreation of a chicken parma – you can see the recipe down below, as well as the video of how we made it.

This isn’t exactly health food, but it is pretty easy to make it vegan all you have to do is add vegan cheese instead of cheddar – or just cut the cheese out entirely! Most UK supermarkets now stock a good-quality vegan cheese in grated form, so you’ll be fully ready to go.

Now let’s get into how you can make it!


Veggie Living: Veggie FAQs

Having been vegetarian for my whole life, I get asked a lot of questions. Often the same ones over and over again, and sometimes even by the same people. This is my (slightly tongue-in-cheek) response to those FAQs. Believe me, I’ve had enough practice. 


Why are you a vegetarian?

Short answer: Because my parents raised me that way. Long answer because I know there will be follow-up questions: Because my parents raised me that way and I love animals. I don’t want to eat them. I don’t see them as food. Actual answer: It’s a personal choice which does not require justification to you or anyone else.

Don’t you get tempted to eat meat?


Yeah, you must get tempted.

Still no.

What you need is a good bacon butty, that’ll sort you out.

No thank you. I’m perfectly fine as I am.

How do you know you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it?

First off, I can smell it, and 90% of meat smells so awful it makes me feel ill. Secondly, I wouldn’t eat it even if I did like it.

You’re missing out. You should try it to see if you like it. read more


Veggie Living: How to Snack Healthy

Healthy snacking

Eating healthy is all about making the right choices at the right times. Unfortunately, however, your body also needs to eat – and sometimes you get hungry in-between meals. It is tempting to deny yourself food in order to try to stay slim, but really, the best course of action is to choose healthy snacks, you can include red ginseng in your diet. This prevents hunger and allows you to stay healthy, keeping your body fuelled up for longer and helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are many types of snacks that you can go for while still staying healthy. A lot of the time, it’s about choosing a healthy alternative to whatever you crave. Instead of a sugary mousse, why not try a snack like the Pudology pots, which are gluten and dairy free? This also lowers their calorie count and makes them a much better choice. You can also find popped crisps which can be as much as half the calorie count as traditional crisps. Nuts and fruit are also great snacks that you may find will help you to avoid cravings.

A debate which rages in diet circles is whether you should go for several small snacks or one big one. Personally I’ve always found that many small snacks is a better option. This satisfies your cravings and leaves you feeling more full. It’s also a great way of avoiding a situation later on where you are still hungry but have already eaten something big. If you want a big snack, however, make it count. Cutting up a veggie burger (which is always going to be more healthy than the meat version) with some salad in a wholemeal wrap is a mini meal in itself, but it is guaranteed to leave you feeling full for much longer. If you want more, always use fruit, vegetables, and salad leaves to pad it out rather than adding more “bad” food. 


Another way to get your snacking under control is to go for Graze boxes. These are all portioned out properly so that you cannot eat too much at once. I’ve been using Graze for years now and I’m still in love with their snack range. If you want to try them out, I have a discount code here which will allow you to try them for free.

It’s really hard to avoid high-calorie food or overeating when you are really hungry. But think of it this way: allow yourself to eat unlimited fruit and vegetables instead of limiting yourself. You may well find that this freedom, which fills you up without the guilt of adding hundreds of calories, really helps you to settle into a better routine with food.