The Spread Eagle

This week, we’re back (from our lengthy hiatus following the theft of my phone and all my notes!) with a review of The Spread Eagle. This vegan pub is something of a novelty, but we wanted to know whether the food matches up to that appeal.

It’s quite a small space inside, so you’ll be lucky to find a table – booking ahead is strongly recommended. They were able to squeeze us in, which was nothing short of a miracle to hear the waitress tell it. read more


Tacos Locos, Canterbury

This week we’re taking you to another Canterbury restaurant, Tacos Locos. Anyone who recalls our trip to Budapest knows we found a fantastic restaurant there by the same name. This English version, sadly, does not live up to the original. Let’s explore how.

Let’s start with the prices. They seemed a little high, given the cuisine that was on offer as well as the general look of the restaurant. It’s very bright, very Mexican, and more than a little shabby. When you’re reading a laminated placemat menu, you don’t really expect to be paying £10.95 for enchiladas. You choose the type of meal and then the filling, so I chose as follows:

Enchiladas £10.95
Sun-dried Tomato tortilla baked in the oven, topped with an Enchilada tomato salsa and melted cheeses, served with Mexican Rice, Sour cream, Guacamole & Black bean salsa.

Three Bean Chilli (v)
Black, Kidney & refried Pinto beans combined with Roasted Peppers & Pico Salsa. read more