Video: Mexican Tortilla Boats

Mexican tortilla boats

When we found these little tortilla bowls in the supermarket, we decided they were perfect for turning our usual Mexican bowls into something a little more jaunty. We came up with these Mexican tortilla boats, based on the shape of the bowls and what they brought to mind! read more


Vine post: Loaded Mexican Muffins

This little recipe is so amazing, and I can’t tell you how much we loved eating it. We LOVE Mexican food anyway, so these Mexican muffins were definitely an idea we wanted to pursue. We had them for lunch, but you could easily make this a breakfast item or even serve it as part of a bigger meal at dinner. read more


Ed’s Diner – Chickpea and Quinoa Burger

Ed's Diner atomic chips

Recently we went back to Ed’s Diner to try their second burger – a full year after the first! The chickpea and quinoa burger was the focus of this visit, but I also decided to get a plate of the atomic American fries. These are served “With chilli, sour cream, Cheddar cheese sauce and guacamole on the side. Veggie option with BBQ sauce”. As you will see below, they are absolutely huge. The burger itself was very filling too, so just with these two items it was a filling meal. read more


Vine Post: Hello Fresh Mexican Tortillas

This month on Vine we’re sharing with you three great new recipes from Hello Fresh. We signed up to the service through a free trial for one box (although this is not a sponsored post – we have a family member who already uses them and who received a discount code!), and decided to try them out. For this Monday and the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing the results. read more


Wetherspoons Mexican Burger

Wetherspoons Mexican Veggie Burger

I quite often nip out to Wetherspoons when I want a quick, hot, and tasty meal that I don’t have to cook, largely for two reasons: the price, and the veggie burgers. I’ll be going over the main veggie burger itself in a different review, but in this case I’m looking at the Mexican burger, which can be eaten with a veggie patty rather than one of the meat based burgers. It is basically an upgrade on the veggie burger and as such is a bit more expensive, but comes with a lot more food and flavour to make up for it. The meal comes as part of a deal which means that you get the burger and all accompaniments, a plate of chips, and a drink of your choice, all included in the price. read more