Asda Spicy Piri Piri Bean Burgers

This week, we decided to try the Asda Spicy Piri Piri Bean Burgers, which I was a bit apprehensive about. After all, look at all those chillis on the packet! In the end, I actually decided to forgo these in favour of some beetroot burgers which you’ll hear about soon. On the other hand, J was keen to give them a go, and after having a tiny nibble of his, we were able to cobble together a review between us. read more


Ed’s Diner – Cajun Vegetable Burger

Ed's Diner - Cajun Vegetable Burger

This review concerns a burger that I ate quite a while ago now at Ed’s Diner in Norwich while staying there for a short break, so if some of the details are a little vague, hopefully you will forgive me. I do remember one huge point which stuck out to me during even the ordering process and which certainly coloured my experience of the burger right from the get-go: the price. £6.55 for a burger on its own – no fries, no side salad, no drink, nothing but the plate it sits on – seems a bit excessive to me. We aren’t talking about prime Kobe beef here, but a simple Cajun Vegetable burger served with lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle, mayonnaise, mild mustard, and a lightly toasted seeded bun. In order to figure all of that out you have to read up and down the menu a few times, too, as the entry for the Cajun Vegetable burger itself unhelpfully describes it simply as “the Original”, meaning you then have to go and read up on that menu item in order to get anywhere. read more